Cow-to-Cow 2000

Day 6 - Osceola WI

Location Distance Average MPH Maximum MPH
Osceola WI 11.1 8.8 26.4

Having decided the bike portion of the trip would come to an end in Osceola, I made arrangements for Jay to come up in the evening with our van, and then I would drive him to Red Wing the next morning to catch Amtrak while I would continue west with the van and Moo would ride along in air-conditioned comfort.

Felt odd to not be up at dawn. Stayed in bed till after 7:30. Biked around town in the early afternoon, and even without the packs on, it was oppressively hot & tiring. Had an bizarre conversation with some retired guy in the local park about this greeting card idea he has revolving around a huge woman sitting on this little guy with lines like, "My new girlfriend has a crush on me." Eek.

There's a heavy metal festival (Ozfest) in the next town over, Somerset. I almost stayed there, but when I was planning the trip I called the local hotel and talked to some woman with a tuberculosis-style cough who wanted to make sure I knew it was an "older" motel. I had visions of film noir.

A moment of revelation happened which I was biking downtown and was a recipient of a big smile from a young girl biking on the sidewalk. It occurred to me that she was smiling because she was proud she was doing something so grown-up, whereas I was smiling because I was doing something so child-like.

Moo had a busy day. She looked at the local waterfall, went fishing, fell in love with a cow in a shop window and finally relaxed in the whirlpool.

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