Cow-to-Cow 2000

You can pledge simply by filling out this form. Your informationwill be e-mailed to me and recorded. When I return, you'll receivean update on the mileage and information on the actual amountdue.


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You may sponsor a whole day (daily mileage x $1.00) or a halfday (daily mileage x $0.50). You may also sponsor the whole tripby designating a number of pennies (or dollars, if you're exceedinglyrich) for each mile. A flat rate pledge is also possible, althoughnot nearly as much fun!

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Whole Milk ($1.00/mile)
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*To sponsor multiple days, please fill out one form for each day.

Day 1 (77)
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Day 8 (101)
Day 9 (56)
Day 10 (92)
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Day 12 (55)

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Estimated mileage is 942.

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Oh, c'mon! Where's your sense of adventure? Are you sure you don't want to guess how long I'll make it?

Okay. I tried. Please indicate the amount, and thank you!

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